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    State of Nova / Nova Weekly #2


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    State of Nova / Nova Weekly #2 Empty State of Nova / Nova Weekly #2

    Post by Benislav on Thu Jun 27, 2013 2:00 am

    Hey again, everyone! It may be a couple hours overdue, but I''m very pleased to bring you this week's edition of State of Nova / Nova Weekly, where I talk about what's been going on in the server.

    First, I'd like to congratulate jagdat on becoming the server's first moderator. Although jagdat is our first choice for moderator, we're definitely still looking at taking on others, and the applications thread is still up and can be found in the "Announcements" board! It's still been really tough to go through the applications, and I really wish we could choose more moderators, but I definitely wish jagdat luck in the new position!

    Next, I'd like to address some new plugins we're pretty happy with: First, thanks to the help of my personal friend MoMoe0, we're very happy to finally have Permissions up and running on the server. Second, we're also glad to show off our new PvP-focused plugin, tommytony's War. War is a plugin that I personally have experience with in the past, and I'm very excited to have it up and running on the server. The plugin's features can be accessed directly from the /warhub command, which will send players to an area in the Events world where they are able to choose between a group of gates that will send them to different arenas for combat. This area is intended on being a side-area to the standard server. Once everything is ironed out, we hope to create a clear disconnect from what goes on in the standard world in Nova and what goes on in this world. Items should not transfer and this world is designed to be purely for fun.

    Third, I'd like to remind everyone that a poll is still going on in the Suggestions board to help decide our policy on transit commands such as /spawn, /warp, /back, and /tpa. So far, we've had pretty heavy response in favor of /spawn and /tpa, but the votes on either side of /back and /warp are neck and neck. As of right now, /spawn and /tpa are allowed and the other two are not. We encourage continued voting!

    Fourth, and perhaps finally, I'd like to urge everyone to check out the thread I started on the idea of a Spawn City. I'm eager to start out a new city at spawn that will serve as sort of a server hub but also be aesthetically pleasing and a completely community-driven effort. I hope to see your help!

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