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    Server Updated to 1.6.1!



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    Server Updated to 1.6.1!

    Post by Benislav on Wed Jul 03, 2013 4:17 am

    Hey, everyone.  I'm very happy to let you all know that the server has officially been updated to the latest version of Minecraft!  To the resourceful few of you that venture to the forums to find out what's going on, here's some basic information:

    • The world will NOT be reset.
    • At this time, the boundaries of the world are NOT planned on being changed.
    • Resource world will be officially returning, this time without the overabundance of ore we saw last time.
    • The resource world is a completely different world accessed by typing /warp resource. This does not mean /warp will be allowed elsewhere. The resource world is meant to be a world to gather resources. Please don't build there.
    • Rare items such as name tags and horse armor WILL be sold at the spawn shop.
    • Horse eggs may be available at spawn for a very limited time.
    • You are obligated to have fun.

    Thanks, guys!  Feel free to ask any questions, I'm glad to add to the thread!
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    Re: Server Updated to 1.6.1!

    Post by tsukuru on Wed Jul 03, 2013 8:06 am

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    Re: Server Updated to 1.6.1!

    Post by MasonDerp on Wed Jul 03, 2013 8:44 am

    Glad to hear it! But that new launcher, Bleh... No

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    Re: Server Updated to 1.6.1!

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