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    Post by Benislav on Wed Jul 17, 2013 3:34 pm

    Hey, everyone! As of late, we've been thinking of opening a couple more advertisements on other forums or websites. Because we're currently only on Reddit, we haven't had much use yet for screenshots, but other sources of player applicants may require or do better off with some pictures of what we've got so far. Now, one way of going about this would be for me or Moe to take pictures of what we've seen that we like so far, but I think a better way is for you to show us! Essentially, I'd like for anyone who has screenshots of the server or who would be interested in taking screenshots of the server to post them here so that we may use them in other threads to show off a little!

    Screenshots of any kind are accepted, so long as they were taken on Nova. If there's any question about aesthetics, any texture pack works, but I, myself, am quite partial to the Soartex Fanver texture pack.

    Thanks a lot, everyone!

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    Re: Screenshots?

    Post by Jediah_614 on Thu Jul 18, 2013 7:18 pm

    Figured I would post some:

    Screenshot of my town:

    Screenshot of a fountain with my house in the background:

    Screenshot of my Mob Tower:

    All of these taken from my town, Silvis.
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    Re: Screenshots?

    Post by tsukuru on Tue Jul 23, 2013 7:27 am

    Astriii, here are some of my designs.

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    Re: Screenshots?

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