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    State of Nova / Nova Weekly #1



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    State of Nova / Nova Weekly #1

    Post by Benislav on Wed Jun 19, 2013 4:32 am

    Hey, everyone.  I set up these forums a while ago, and I feel I should have made a real effort to make their existence known long before today.  That said, I think the forums may really work as a hub for the server outside the server.  So here, I'd like to talk about Nova for a while!

    First, Nova's been up for a little over a month now.  We've had ups and downs regarding the population of the server, but I'd like everyone to know that I really appreciate what the server has become.  We've opened up a wonderful community of great people who have built a legitimately interesting world to wander around in.  I'd like to thank you all for the experiences that you've allowed me so far!

    Second, I'd like to address the Moderator Applications currently underway and proactively apologize to anyone who doesn't end up being chosen.  I'm currently making the decision alone, and it's the first time I've really done that on a server.  There are so many awesome people on the server and I really wish I could rationalize bringing on 6 mods.  That said, the applications are still open for anyone who wishes to make my job harder (I kid, I kid!).

    Third, I'd like to make sure that you guys are up to date with my plugin additions.  Recently, I added the Lift Plugin, making elevators possible on the server, the Bookshelf plugin, allowing players to use shelves as storage space, and the Permissions plugin to better facilitate the addition of moderators to the server.  I've also modified Grief Prevention, making the server now allow players to press buttons in areas that they do not own.

    Finally, I'd like to make some remarks about the future of the server.  In that vein, I'm proud to announce that we will finally be fighting the Ender Dragon boss mob this weekend, at a time hovering around Saturday at 6PM Central Time.  For anyone that may not be an expert on conversion, that's 4PM Pacific Time, 5PM Mountain Time, 7PM Eastern Time, 8PM Atlantic Time, Midnight GMT, and 1 AM Central European Time.  This time is NOT definitive and may be changed, but it's looking like it may be a proper time to hold the event.  On that same note, I've spoken with Dusk and we're looking at a post-battle celebration to occur in Stratos, immediately following the death of the Ender Dragon.  As far as the egg that appears after the dragon's death goes, I'd prefer to keep it in server hands, but I'm not completely sure where.

    Beyond that event, there are a few plugins I'm looking at adding.  Beyond those I've told individuals that I'll look into, I've personally been looking into a plugin that increases ore spawns for a coming resource world (which will share inventories with the regular world, but otherwise be totally different.  I want to make this clear: unless something happens to make the standard world irretrievable, I will NEVER wipe the server's main map.) and some sort of donation plugin.  On this note, I feel I should really make clear what my plan for a donation structure would be and make clear that donations will NOT be a pay-to-win structure.  Any rewards gained by donation will be either PURELY COSMETIC or non-game changing.  $10 for 100 diamonds doesn't sound fun to me, and keep in mind, I mine, dig, build, and play just like anyone else on the server.

    Wow, that was certainly a lot of information.  With all that put down, I'd like to thank you all again for continuing to play on Nova and making it a great experience for me and for everyone else.  Thanks for reading!

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    Re: State of Nova / Nova Weekly #1

    Post by OhNoJoeVo on Wed Jun 19, 2013 4:44 pm

    Wonderful post Ben!  Very well written and informative~

    I wish everyone who has applied to be of moderator status good luck and I believe that it will be hard choice deciding because I do believe everyone who applied to be very very great and capable candidates.  In the end I will be happy with ANY of the applicants that have applied as of now.  I do not envy your hard decision Ben haha.

    On another note, I am glad we are finally deciding to fight the ender dragon soon!  Solara is very rich in resources and if anybody needs diamond armor or weapons and such feel free to leave me a message in my inbox in game before the event.  We will make sure everyone is outfitted in top notch gear.  Gunna and I have worked very hard to climb to the top of the mctop list and gather enough provisions in resources to last us and others into the far future!

    As for celebration after whatever is going on in Dusk, Gunna and I will think of a nice event in Solara for everyone!  Maybe some sort of olympics?  More boss fighting?  Building contests?  Let's see ;].  Thank you guys for providing a comfortable, friendly, and active server for Gunna and I to play on and thank you Ben for everything you've sacrificed to make this server come into existence.  I'm sure there's a lot of work you don't tell people about you humble bastard haha.

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    Re: State of Nova / Nova Weekly #1

    Post by GunnaGitcha on Wed Jun 19, 2013 5:43 pm

    Super stoked to finally have a date for the end fight.  

    I currently have enough diamonds to outfit 14 people in full diamond armor and give them a diamond sword.  I have work saturday at 4:45 so if I'm not able to make the full fight I'll leave the gear for y'all to take care of.

    As far as the donation and cosmetic rewards go I've been thinking of different ways to implement cosmetic/minor rewards as a gold sink in the economy.  These could also be used for donation rewards.  Once you hammer out the details with the plugin I'd love to discuss some of these random ideas.
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    Re: State of Nova / Nova Weekly #1

    Post by MasonDerp on Wed Jun 19, 2013 10:28 pm

    Mason here. I am in for an ender dragon fight, as I have never done one. Let me know what I need to have prepped and keep me informed. I'll make it a point to schedule my day to be there for the fight.

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    Re: State of Nova / Nova Weekly #1

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