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    Banned because I am a asshat.


    Banned because I am a asshat. Empty Banned because I am a asshat.

    Post by MitchT on Sun Aug 04, 2013 9:56 pm


    Sorry for being a asshat, I shouldn't have been trolling you Cheese, although being flacked by 5 people at once also isn't nice, if you have a problem with someone just tell them, it's way more usefull as suddenly all crashing down on one person.

    Note to self, don't mess with Cheese.


    I know I deserve a punishment and that it wasn't good what I did, but can you let me off with a warning this once? I have one day (today) before I have to go to my Grandpa/Grandma house where they don't even have a pc (getting dumped there for 3 days), you may say it's not so bad, but I hate it. Wanna have fun till then.


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    Banned because I am a asshat. Empty Re: Banned because I am a asshat.

    Post by tsukuru on Mon Aug 05, 2013 8:49 am

    Okay, here's the story, he has tried to kill me on numerous occasions, and he has been amassing eggs in order to flood an area of his choice with chickens. He then was stalking me in the nether yesterday when i tped back to spawn. At this point he vented his frustration at the fact that i had not died and dropped my items that he wanted to burn. His words not mine. This was overheard by Cheesedoctor22 one of the admins and he queried him on why he wanted to do such a thing, as its not allowed on this server due to the horribleness of the act. Conversation ensued and others (who i will not name) provided evidence against him with acts of disruption and suchlike. He refuted these claims and continued to defend his case. This being said he didn't loose his cool and kept his head the entire time. so he can be commended for that. Upon evaluating the situation and MitchT's reasoning and responses; Cheese decided to ban him. It is currently under review by Benislav and MoMoe0.

    footnote, i later talked to him on TeamSpeak and he said the main reasoning for the copious amounts of chickens was for their trade value with villagers. I asked him why he was show-boating in regards to saying he would egg an area within Nova. I cannot remember his response as i was multitasking, but over all he was remorseful for his actions.

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    Banned because I am a asshat. Empty Re: Banned because I am a asshat.

    Post by MoMoe0 on Mon Aug 05, 2013 10:53 pm

    We've been discussing the events that lead up to your ban. I think it's all unanimous that you should stay banned. The behavior you have displayed is immature and reading your "ban appeal", it seems pretty sarcastic.

    You are being banned for:

    Griefing - Although most people think of griefing as deliberately destroying other player's property, that is actually only a small part of what griefing is. Griefing is basically harassing other players, whether that be destroying their creations, calling them names, or trying to kill someone so you can take their belongings and burn them.

    Not Respecting Admins - I have read the chat between you and Cheese. A direct quote from you is "... your title says me nothing. I don't know you." referencing that you didn't have to answer a question because you have never met that particular admin. This is extremely disrespectful. To me it says that you feel entitled to our server. You're thinking to yourself that you've been on longer than this admin or more often than him so you are above him. This isn't the way it works.

    I'd also like to ask you not to post anymore on our forums, if you do so, you will be banned from here as well.

    This decision is permanent and will not be reversed. I hope in the future you will treat other players with respect.

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    Banned because I am a asshat. Empty Re: Banned because I am a asshat.

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