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    Regarding 1.7 update.


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    Regarding 1.7 update. Empty Regarding 1.7 update.

    Post by Lain3zi on Fri Sep 06, 2013 1:41 pm

    Hello Admins, Mods and other players.

    I just want to know what you (mods and admins) are going to do about the new biome update. The biome update being is so huge I have a bad feeling that you are thinking about restarting the server with a new 1.7 compatible map. I honestly don't want that to happen. I am making some huge builds and have used a lot of time making stuff and I would like to keep them and keep working on the new ones. I know most people think the same way and have similarly huge projects on the way. I know my opinion won't affect your decision but please don't make a whole new map Sad

    Even thought I would like to have those new biomes (they look epic!) I don't think it'll be worth it. One idea I had is that if it's possible, make the map bigger when the 1.7 is released and have those new biomes generated on the unexplored chunks. That would mean that in my opinion the /home command should come back because those bases would be REALLY far away.

    So this was just my opinion on the subject but what ever you decide to do I will respect that and won't whine about it Very Happy Just inform us about the decision asap (in case you are getting a new map because if so, I will stop working on my big project).

    - Lain3zi

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    Regarding 1.7 update. Empty Re: Regarding 1.7 update.

    Post by Benislav on Sat Sep 07, 2013 5:23 pm

    Hey! I'm glad this post was made so I can re-clarify really quick! Historically, I haven't really been interested in destroying others' work in the name of a new or different experience. While I haven't been very active lately, I've made sure to keep the server active as much as I can so that the creations of those playing on the server are not destroyed. When the 1.7 update comes out, the current plan is to perhaps expand the map and reset the resource world, but not to do anything to destroy what's already been built. Thanks for the question!

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